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Sports venues are not the only places where athletes can demonstrate sportsmanship.
Proactively engaging in activities that create bonds and help society is also a form of sportsmanship. In Japan, however, athletes’ activities outside of athletic competition receive little attention, and the number of athletes engaged in these activities is limited. “HEROs Sportsmanship for the future” is an activity that brings athletes together. By promoting their activities that contribute to society, the project uses sports to create and foster interest and action by many people who share a connection through sports.
We are spreading sportsmanship that creates social ties through three programs that provide opportunities for education, implementation, and recognition.
This is our wish, and our mission.


By promoting activities by athletes that contribute to society, we are creating a future in which the circle of people working to resolve social issues widens, by creating interest and action by the many people who share a connection through sports.


  • To use the power of imagination and action that is unique to athletes to pursue the challenge of contributing to society in completely new ways.
  • To create an athlete-focused platform for activities that contribute to society, and provide necessary information and support.
  • To broaden cooperation among athletes that extends beyond athletic competitions, and create venues where they are able to share their social contribution experiences.


Three challenges to expand athletes’
areas of activity


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A program to train and support the next generation of human resources
We have set up a contact point to inform young athletes of how they can use the power of sports and athletes outside of sporting competitions, and to teach motivated athletes how to start and expand activities.

  • I’m interested in contributing to society, and would like to discuss what I can do.
  • I would like to discuss how to collect funds to start an activity.
  • I would like introductions to NGOs I can work with.

We welcome athletes who want to discuss these issues. Please contact us as shown below.
Social Contribution Contact Desk.


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This program implements and promotes activities that contribute to society using the power of sports and athletes.
With HEROs ambassadors, this program expands cooperation among athletes beyond athletic competitions and implements new activities that contribute to society using the power of sports.
This website contains interviews with athletes and introduces their social contribution activities.

Please contact us via the link below if you are engaged in an activity that you would like to have featured.


HEROs AWARD trophy

An award ceremony is held annually to recognize outstanding social contribution activities being carried out by athletes, teams, leagues, and NGOs.
By publicly recognizing concrete, successful social contribution activities that use the power of sports, we are presenting role models to the next generation of athletes.
The HEROs AWARD ceremony brings together athletes who are interested in contributing to society, and therefore also serves as a venue for the creation of new ideas.

HEROs AWARD nominations can be made on one’s own behalf or on behalf of others.
We welcome your nomination.